On July 13, I had the opportunity to meet with several Nova Romans in Tucson. I was anxious to meet some other fellow citizens, since I had missed the abortive gathering in Phoenix last year because of other priorities. (Tony came home for the weekend, and he always trumps Nova Roma.)

There were six people at the gathering. Ahenobarbus had spearheaded the whole thing. He was there with his fiancee, who is a new-age herbalist but not a Roman; she fidgetted for a while as we blah-blahed, then she took off. Iulianus was there, plus Trigeminus and his wife Ariadne. Also present was Jenni, a very intriguing character.

Ahenobarbus is a pleasant, funny younger guy with a shaved head and auburn beard (perhaps not so red as the Dioscuri intended. He has been watching the main list for some time, and has corresponded with some of the movers and shakers such as Scholastica and Piscinus. He is a provisional citizen until August. It turns out he is a linguist with knowledge (at least in passing) of several languages. How he missed Latin is beyond me. He is a devout cultor.

Iulianus is not at all what I expected. I hope to talk to him further. He is very intense. We were separated at the table so we didn’t get to talk as much as I would like. But he knows his stuff. He’s been a citizen for a long time (since 2002) and knows a lot of the citizens. One of his first questions to me was, who is Pontifex Maximus. He appears to be a supporter of Cassius.

Trigeminus and his wife are provisional citizens. He showed up in “camp casual” dress (no, not “campy”, well, maybe a little campy)–tunica, chain mail, gladius, etc. He wears his hair like a barbarian, though. He’s a member of Legio IX Hispana. He knows his stuff and the Latin military terms were flying.

Most intriguing was Jenni. She reminds me of Ellen in some ways. It turns out, she is the infamous female pontiff that everyone rants about.  A real celebrity! She is now a leader in the ADF (druids), and leads a Roman kin in that group. I found out later that I had read several of her articles online. As a pontiff, she knows several of the people, although she kept asking about Graecus. We assured her that Graecus had left. She may reapply for citizenship.

Ahenobarbus and I are working on the foedus for setting up an oppidum here in Arizona.

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